Photo Albums

The picture above shows Jacob around 1997, age around 2, sprinting away from me in Doho Park, Tsukuba, Japan. The hand on the left is mine. Jacob was a surprisingly fast sprinter, and his favorite game was “catch me Daddy!” It’s a good thing that I was in good shape in those days, because Jacob had me doing sprints!


The year 2003 was a time of change. In November Jacob turned 8 and Damien turned 3. Max turned 6 in April. I start with our first father-and-sons vacation to the African Lion Safari park in Ontario, Canada.


The year 2004 was fullof changes. We had a happy first year in our new townhouse. There were not so many pictures as I did not get a decent camera until fall. We had a great fall visit from Grandma, and Thanksgiving and Christmas were perhaps my favorite ever.


The year of our first big vacation was 2005 with special pages for Family Vacation. We took family pictures. Aunt Lisa and Cousin Haley came for a visit.


There had been a lot of turmoil and upheval starting early in 2003 and ending early in 2005. We had a new sense of normalcy in 2006. We took our vacation to Manitoulin Island. I am very disappointed that I can’t find more pictures from this year and the next one.


After a two-year absence we would return to Chicago and Minnesota in 2007 for much needed time with all of the loving family. On Christmas we would be four bachelors, but the boys did not yet know that Joan and I had found each other. 2008 would be a very special year.


Early in 2008 the boys would meet Joan, and the chemistry was very special. There was a great abundance of love in the town house. We would have a trip to Chicago, and we would spend a week at Keuka Lake in the Shady Rest cabin. Joan and I would become engaged.