§ On the Road Again


Max expressed clearly his desire for vacation. Take the shortest route to cousins and maximize the time with cousins. The shortest route from Rochester, NY to the Kinns in Lisle, IL is shown.

The van from previous years had high mileage. Last fall a buck chose to charge that van while it was moving at 70 mph on Interstate 90, so we had to lay both to rest.

This van was much newer. With a new set of Michelins, a soft pack “bag” on the luggage rack and the bicycles in the rack we were ready to go.

§ In Chicago with the Kinns


With stops it generally takes about 12 hours from Rochester to Chicago. Once there we were immediately rewarded with the company of Aunt Sue, Uncle Jim, Cousins Janae, Diana and Mitch. The pictures shown were taken at their house in Lisle and at the Morton Arboretum.

§ The Road to Minnesota


In Madison we stopped by Ella’s Deli, and this time we got pictures of the Merry-Go-Round. We had lunch inside, and there was much to look at and explore.

On other trips we have stopped by Ochsner Park in Baraboo, WI, so we stopped once again. It is a pleasant park with a very small zoo. It was a good chance to stretch and relax.

Notice the circus theme – Baraboo has a big history with the circus and has a circus museum. The toy in Max’s hand was a gift from the Kinn’s. I think Max is wearing a Lisle Soccer shirt – a hand-me-down from cousins. He wore those in several colors for the next few years.

§ Minnesota Again


We did so much in Minnesota that there needs to be a special Minnesota page. Some of the main themes were Como Zoo, gardening and family.

§ Return Via Chicago


We stopped by Chicago to stay with the Kinns again on the way home. There was a sidewalk art show in Naperville, so we took some pictures for posterity.

All three boys have those red caps from Grandpa Ed. Max is wearing a different color Lisle Soccer shirt today, and notice that Aunt Lisa also gave him a buzz cut like Mitchie’s. Max begged for it!

§ Christmas


This was a very special Christmas. For more pictures visit the Christmas page.

We had been just four bachelors for quite a while. The boys did not yet know about Joan, but we had been together for a while. Here the boys pose in front of the tree before it is decorated. We had our celebration on Christmas Eve, and here they are coming down the stairs Christmas morning to open presents. They will have Christmas dinner at their mother’s house.

A day or so after Christmas Peter and Christine Horton visit with their son Tom. Max and Tom have been best friends for over a year. Joan and I pose in front of the tree with Christine operating the camera. Christine would refer to Joan as my hot girlfriend with the hot car.

The Hortons are like family at this point with Max and Tom having sleep-overs on a very regular basis. They are almost inseparable. Peter is a transplant surgeon working at Strong Memorial, and so he is not often available, but we share a bottle of wine as often as we can.

A year earlier they had just arrived in the United States after a stint in French Canada. We being the natives and they being the Europeans it only seemed right that we share Thanksgiving. We would share most holidays until their departure after Thanksgiving in 2010.