Manitoulin Island

The picture shown above is the view from our cabin at Cozy Cove on Lake Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island.  We did so many things on this trip and had so many adventures, and I simply did not take enough pictures.

§ The Destination


We were headed to Cozy Cove Cottages on Lake Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron. Taking into account that Manitoulin Island is about 90 miles in length, Lake Mindemoya is actually quite large.

You may notice that there is a sizable island called Treasure Island located within Mindemoya. We did make a short excursion around the island. Were it not private we would no doubt have explored it to see if at least it had a pond with perhaps another island.

§ The Setting


Here you can see what our little cabin looked like. Entering from the front you will see a kitchen and a living room.

With two bedrooms somebody had to sleep on the pull-out couch each night. Max enjoyed reading on a morning when he woke up in the second bedroom. You can see the little harbor from the front door. You can also see the van; we brought the bicycles with.

There are row boats in the little harbor. We went rowing twice, and both times the wind started blowing making waves that were too large for rowing. I had to walk the boat back along the shore.

We borrowed an outboard motor and went for an excursion around Treasure Island. The wind started blowing again, and the waves were too large to continue with our plan of returning along the opposite shore. We were forced to cross the lake directly into the wind to seek the relative shelter of the cliffs and trees along the up-wind shore. As we crested waves and then plunged into troughs the splash reached my face at the back of the boat. Damien got sea sick, and we were all freezing. After 20 minutes in the sunshine back on shore everybody was happy again.

§ Having Fun


The weather was surprisingly cool for July. We visited the white sand beach on the southern coast, but it was cold, and the wind blasted us with sand. The waves were like ocean breakers, and Max was the only one brave enough to charge in.

We did visit the Bridal Veil Falls as shown here, and we did some hiking. We had a lot of fun right by the cabin. There was a nice playground at the cabins and another nearby.

It should be no surprise that the boys made some friends. Josh and his family are from Sudbury, a town we skirted on the second day of our trip last year. Nicole, shown with her cat, is a permanent resident of the island and lived in a home next to our cabin.

Despite the cool weather we spent an enormous amount of time in the water. The beach was just across the street and down about 200 feet. There was no sand but smooth rocks. You could walk out a long distance and sometimes find a huge rock to stand on. There were crayfish.

We did campfires and marshmallows almost every night with a large group. In addition to our party, Josh and his family and Nicole there were two kids that were the grandchildren of the owners.

§ Waiting for the MS Chi-Cheemaun


Our week in the cotage was over. We had to leave early to get in queue for the ferry. Apparently Chi-Cheemaun means something like big canoe in one native tongue. We got to the pier and we tossed the football. We had been doing quite a bit of that this summer. Naturally we had picnic stuff along.

We could see the ferry approaching from a long distance, and we took many photographs. It was cool to see its approach and watch it dock at the peer. Eventually it would open its giant maw for us to drive aboard. It was good to get on first since first on is first off.

§ The Voyage Back


We didn’t expect to find our friends from Sudbury aboard the ferry, but it turns out that they were not heading directly home. Damien enjoyed the company of Josh’s younger brother. Max and Josh had a blast together. The wind was especially brisk out on the lake, and they played many silly games in it. I had a nice time chatting with Josh’s parents who were very laid back in a Canadian way. Eh?

§ Goodbye, With Love


That final morning,before leaving for the ferry, we found something special left from Nicole to Max.