We had taken family pictures in 2005, and now they were mounted on the wall at the base of the stairs. Each morning as I descended those stairs I was greeted by this view, and it made me feel very good. In the time since many more galleries have been created around the town house.

§ Max’s Birthday – Age 9


We started with a small party just for immediate family. Once again Max chose angel-food cake with strawberries and drizzled chocolate. It’s getting more and more difficult to take a picture without getting silly faces.

No, Max did not get his invitation to Hogwarts. He did, however, get an awesome present from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ed complete with a beanie animal. In the third picture he is opening his paper airplanes with which we had incredible fun.

I love this picture of me with all three of my sons. We had been reading in this chair since 2002. The chair had been beat up by the time we moved to the townhouse, and sometimes the back is a bit like a bean bag. I take a break to read Dr. Seuss with Damien.

Max had an overnight again this year. It was the same cast as last year, but he also invited Jacob. Proceeding clockwise around the table we have Max, Jacob, Jake, Tyler, Jaimie and Peter. Light sabers are still popular.

§ Jacob Graduates from Elementary School


I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but this one is the best. Grade 5 was an important year. Jacob had spent two years at the Lois E. Bird school for Young Kindergarten and Kindergarten. He had spent two years at Mendon Center Elementary with a fabulous teacher, Pat Mangone. He had just completed two years at Thornell Road Elementary School with Shelley Morehouse, and he was starting to test the waters with mainstream classes.

Jacob enjoyed being included in mainstream activities, and this graduation was important.

§ Life in Rochester


First we have Damien reading a favorite book. We had a lot of time to enjoy books. Then I am apparently reading the directions for something new.

This year we bought these very large stop-sign beach towels. We then proceeded to explore all of the beaches in the area. The theme of fun with water continues.

I believe that this particular outing was to Hamline Beach State Park on Lake Ontario. We also tried beaches on Honeyoye Lake and Candaigua, both a part of the Finger Lakes.

§ Manitoulin Island


Last year we did many things on vacation. This year we decided to spend a full week at a single location. We decided to spend a week around July 4 on Manitoulin Island. This is big enough to get its own page. Please visit Manitoulin Island. This is the world’s largest freshwater island located in Lake Huron. Some parts are home to Native Americans who have never signed a treaty with any government.

§ A Visit to the Kinn Folks


I made a quick trip to Chicago while the boys were vacationing with their mother. Janae, Diana and Mitchie were happy to pose for pictures. Aunt Sue was happy to pose for pictures. Uncle Jim was feeling camera shy.