African Lion Safari

§ Head Out On the Highway


I was getting used to playing Mr. Mom and taking care of three boys all by myself. I had heard about the African Lion Safari park in Ontario, Canada. When suddenly we had some time to ourselves it seemed like a great way to spend a few days. The pictures are from a cheap disposable camera, but the memories are priceless!

See the map. We headed out west from Rochester through Buffalo and north through Niagara Falls. We took the QEW west towards London, and we stayed in a hotel in Kitchener near the park.

§ When We Arrive


I guess Damien just really wanted to be carried, because he got really upset the moment that his feet touched the ground. Then he decided to take a rest and catch his breath, but he wasn’t moving until I picked him up. Notice Maxwell in the background. That brightly colored shirt will make it easy to identify him in later pictures.

§ Boats, Trains and Automobiles


Some exhibits could be seen the best from the boat. There were little islands with monkeys and birds.  Notice Jacob in the yellow shirt with stripes.

There were other sights to be seen from the train. I remember that train felt a bit small for me, but the boys enjoyed it. Jacob in particular thought it was interesting to have so many forms of transportation.

When you see pictures of animals, many of them were clearly taken from the minivan. However, we heard that the monkeys could be pretty destructive, so in that part we took the bus seen here.

§ Break for Lunch and Exercise


It’s funny the things that you remember. The red Coke bag on the table came back from Japan. I always used it for snacks and a couple of diaper changes. After a bite and a drink Jacob and Maxwell went for the obstacle course. You can see Jacob clearing the tires before I was quite ready for a photo.


Max naturally paused for a photo at the top. A rushed around the side to get one more as he traveresed the ball pit in the semi-darkness before climbing the rope ladder. Damien is with me, and we need to rush to the end before Jacob has a chance to get lost.


§ The Animals


There were some animals, and it was fun to see them from the van. A light rain posed a small challenge, and the pictures are not all that good. The first three are a leopard, a lion and a zebra.

§ The Hotel


I think the hotel may have been the highlight of our first day. We had gone to hotels before, but I guess it had been the better part of a year. The hotel gave us a big bag of coloring books, colors and souvenirs that the boys enjoyed for a long time.

My favorite moment was when Damien started leading his brothers around the room using the sleeping bags to make train links. They sang ”Little Red Caboose” over and over. That was a favorite song from a CD we played in the minivan.

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Some people at the next table were especially pleased that I was brave enough to take these three boys vacationing. They took this picture.

§ Niagara Falls


The route home took us right through Niagara Falls. It was another rainy day, but we still had a good time. I get many good pictures in the future, once I have a decent camera. For now I just post a few.

This one time we tookthis unusual lift up the steep hill. First you can see the car. Then you can see the view from the car. Another vehicle on a fun weekend.

We proceeded to the Skylon Tower, and this is the only time we went up. Here are the views we got that day. We did other things each time we have been back.