In the picture above the boys are descending the stairs on Christmas morning ready to open stockings, have Christmas breakfast and open gifts. The artwork on the wall is a large under-the-sea mural made by Jacob in Grade 4 or 5. It was on the wall for years until the fish all fell off.

§ Me and the Boys


We had our big celebratory meal on Christmas Eve. The boys have come down the stairs for Christmas morning. Of course the boys are excited to open presents. Each boy gets a special book from Grandpa Ed and Grandma Judy. We have a very nice collection of such books specially signed buy the grandparents that will be saved for posterity.

The boys also got posters of the type that you color in completely with markers. We have one set of such posters that the boys completed and that we framed for their bedroom walls. I think we still have a second set only half completed. Notice that we’re still  using the decorations that the boys made in 2004.

Damien loved the magnets that we already had for his brothers, so he got the deluxe set. That was probably the most used gift he ever received being heavily used for at least four years.

I know there was something nice in that box for Jacob, but I cannot remember what! Jacob did get a new DVD player and alarm clock that he enjoyed for his bedroom.

Max’s only wish was for Star Wars bedding. It was hard to find, and it was not nearly as nice as what he already had, but he was very very happy with it. I was surprised by how difficult it was to find, but Max liked having a full-size comforter on his twin bed.

§ Joan and I


The boys did not yet know about Joan, and we were waiting a bit longer to make the introductions. My birthday is just before Christmas, and Joan had been with me for my birthday and the whole weekend immediately after.

Joan had spent Christmas Eve with her family in Grand Island. After the boys went to their mother’s house for Christmas Day Joan returned to the town house. She brought dinner for the two of us, and she also brought a plate of amazing Italian cookies made by her aunt.

§ Twelve Days of Christmas


Christmas break with the boys was always so much fun. I used vacation days to be at home with the boys as much as possible. Damien was having a lot of fun with his enormous collection of magnets. He also liked that sorter with little drawers for all of his treasures. These two items rarely left the living room for the next four or five years.

Jacob could still enjoy magnets, too. And it’s always fun to explore the five perfect solids: the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron.

I pitched in so Max could get Axis and Allies with Christmas money, and he was very enthusiastic about this game. It was so complicated and time consuming that we never really had time to play until vacation that summer.