My Friend Danny

My best friend as a kid was named Danny Jakubowski. Sadly the usage of the past tense is appropriate.  I was 19 years old and had just finished my first year of college.  Danny was a year younger and had just graduated from high school with high hopes for a bright future when sadly he lost his life in a car accident involving a drunk driver.  It took me twenty-five years before I could write the words below, and sometimes the loss is still overwhelming.

Recently I did a Google search on his name,  and it made me sad to receive no hits.  Now I want to share this with the entire Internet.  I begin with a picture of Danny with  me at a train museum in Duluth.  He is fair haired and I am dark.  It was a fun day.

These are the words that took twenty-five years to write.  It was another five before I was ready to share.

Fragments of me were left behind
Marking the moment when I heard the news
That my journey through life would be without you
And I realized how blessed I had been
Fragments of you were brought forth by me
In my heart’s vain desire of not letting go
But you’re frozen in time like your face on my wall
Unlike family and friends who must carry on
Words on the page where my feelings unfold
Are my mortal attempt at making us whole

Danny’s Senior Picture

 I would also like to add a link to YouTube video, my brother Danny ~ it’s been 25 years, that was made by Danny’s younger sister Rhonda.