Dinner in Gion

  A memoir by R. Szalapski For friends both named and unnamed. They call us gaijin.  In Japanese it means other people.  To our American culture, where we stress the individual, it seems insulting.  In Japanese culture you are foremost defined by the groups to which you belong and secondly by what you do; the concept of individuality is as foreign as ... [Continue Reading]

My Friend Danny

My best friend as a kid was named Danny Jakubowski. Sadly the usage of the past tense is appropriate.  I was 19 years old and had just finished my first year of college.  Danny was a year younger and had just graduated from high school with high hopes for a bright future when sadly he lost his life in a car accident involving a drunk driver.  It took me twenty-five years ... [Continue Reading]

My Personal Site & My Professional Site.

Welcome to my personal  website.  Be sure to visit my professional website, CallMeDrRob, which is used for communicating on scholarly and professional topics.   This website is still under construction, but access to various sections will be by invitation only. Warmest regards, Dr. Rob ... [Continue Reading]


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